Underwater Miniatures

Trigger Warning: The second miniature has painted “gore” on it and is generally disturbing. You can skip looking at it by clicking on the squares below the picture.

Hey everyone. Nothing too long winded here I just wanted to post some of the miniatures I have been working on. These are mostly for my Skull & Shackles game I am running for my wife.

All of these are Reaper miniatures using Warcolours with Army Painter washes/effects.

First are a pair of dolphins that I honestly expect to never use. Though who knows maybe a underwater druid will have one as a companion or something.

The second is a awesome undead shark with a cool 3d-printed mount my wife found on Etsy.

Third is a pair of sharks that I likely will have more use for than the dolphins. Kinda boring I know as far as paint jobs go. If I get any more I will likely paint them as tiger sharks or blue sharks or something. I need to get some large sized ones though.

Forth is a crew-member on the Lady’s Purr my wife’s ship. The Bosun (or Boatswain) “Shade” (real name unknown).

Fifth is another crew-member a Tengu named Vixi who acts as the Quartermaster on the ship.

Finally the last two are a pair of Deep Ones. The one on the left is a Priest the one on the right is a Servitor. I love the Cthulhu staff he has.

If miniatures aren’t your thing feel free to use the RPG or Library buttons just below the banner to filter my posts! Thanks!

EDIT: So Crys my wife just “yelled” at me for not including her octopus miniature she painted. So here it is. 😉

Hes a cute fella ain’t he?

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