The World of Anboc

So I thought I would start today off by writing a bit more about my Anboc setting. Though before I did that I decided to start working on a world map. The map below is the result of that:

Version 0.1 of the world map

This is still early days when it comes to this map. I could have spent more time with it detailing various bits and bobs. That will come with time though and I decided for the time being that I rather “write into” the map rather than “map into” my writing.

What I mean by that is often times I will design a map with lots of geographical and political features that have no definition beyond being on the map. There isn’t anything wrong with that approach but I decided that I was going to do the opposite this time.

With that in mind there are only two defined things on the map so far. The Isle of Crystomathi and the city of Anthaneum. Here is a bit of a closer look of that island:

A Closer Look

Both of these come from words relating to libraries. I decided that since these places are central to the setting I would base them on real words. Crystomathi (KRIS-tom-a-the) is based on the word Chrestomathy. This is a book or sections from a book that contains literary passages from a foreign language, typically as a teaching tool.

What sold me on using this word for the “home island” is the etymology of the word. It comes from a Greek word which means “desire of learning.” The main city on Crystomathi (and Anboc for that matter) is Anthaneum (AN-tha-ne-um) comes from the word Athenaeum. The origin of this word is that of a roman school built by Hadrian (who also built a wall you might have heard of). I changed how it was pronounced since the astute observer (or someone who read the wikipedia page I linked) might guess that Athenaeum is named in part after Athens.

Unlike Crystomathi I altered the pronunciation and spelling so as to try and distance Anthaneum from Athens. I am pretty happy with both of them so far though it is possible that these might end up being placeholders along with Anboc. The reason I say that is I haven’t decided what (if any) real world cultures the people of Anboc are based on.

Because of this it might be that these names are inappropriate in the end and will be changed. For now like I said I am pretty happy with them. The next Anboc post will be a look at the life of people in Crystomathi and how experience (the currency for character advancement) will work in Anboc.

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